Business Owners: TAOS specializes in Logistics and Warehouse staffing.  Your business demands individuals with

appropriate work experiences, possessing knowledge and training to

provide immediate results.  That’s why we offer total customized staffing

solutions for the Warehouse & Distribution industry.  Quite simply, no one

else does.


Local dedication to Logistics

Our staff has over fifty-years of comprehensive knowledge and experience

within the Logistics industry.  TAOS’ reputation has been nurtured locally

not in Milwaukee, San Francisco, or internationally–so you might say we’re

just local folks executing best business practices locally.  We don’t pretend

to have all the answers but there is no better firm when it comes to logistics


Business Philosophy

Your work is an art form.  Dedication, persistence, attention to detail, and

a commitment to doing your absolute best is the essence of professionalism.

It is a process, always being refined and never finished.  Believing in what

you do, knowing how to go about it, and paying attention to precisely how it

is done will deliver success.  TAOS Staffing…developing relationships for the

fine art of life.