Our Location & Virtual Office


The TAOS team is proud to serve the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area from our location in Irving, TX. Although we are happy to meet with candidates in-person, the vast majority of our staffing work is completed virtually. It’s important to remember that meetings at our office location are by appointment only. Call now to schedule an appointment.

Virtual Office

Here at TAOS, we’ve fully embraced the virtual approach to doing business, and the reason is simple: it’s a significant advantage for our candidates. We understand that looking for employment takes time and effort, which is why our goal is to make the process as simple and streamlined as possible. Our virtual applications make it possible for you to find employment from the comfort of your home whenever it’s convenient for you. Instead of traveling back and forth to our office, you’ll have more time to fill out applications, work on your skills, and spend time with loved ones.

Note: While we are committed to a virtual approach, we can’t guarantee that all our client companies follow this same approach. Therefore, as a candidate, you may be expected to attend in-person interviews with interested client companies.