About Us

Since 1995, TAOS has been trusted by the employers and job seekers of Dallas-Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. Over more than a quarter-century, we’ve earned a solid reputation as a leading local name in logistics and warehouse staffing.
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Local Logistics Experts

With more than 75 years of combined local experience, our management team knows everything there is to know about logistics and warehousing in Dallas-Fort Worth. Our talent and reputation has been nurtured in the local area—not thousands of miles away. We’re from right here in Texas, and we love nothing more than helping the businesses and workers of our home community.

TAOS: The Art Of Staffing

As professionals, we know that work is an art form. It takes dedication, passion, attention to detail, and a little creativity to excel at your job—just like an artist in front of a canvas. TAOS understands that your career is a process that’s always being refined and is never quite finished. The key to succeeding in the art of business is to believe in what you do, understand how to do it, adapt when necessary, and then deliver the precise results you intend. Following this artistic approach, TAOS has succeeded in helping countless candidates find employment that matters. There’s nothing more rewarding to us than watching job seekers take on work that feels like art.

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